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Labor/Birth Tub Rental

Why use a birthing tub for pregnancy comfort?

  • In the last trimester, many expecting mothers have the feeling of fatigue and anxiety
  • Immersion in water often helps lower high blood pressure caused by anxiety
  • The water is soothing and relaxing
  • The water seems to increase the woman’s energy
  • The buoyancy lessens her body weight, allows free movement and positioning, better blood circulation, better oxygenation of uterine muscles, and more oxygen for the baby (circulation)

Why use a birthing tub for labor?

  • The water alleviates stress-related hormones, allowing the mother’s body to produce endorphins, which are pain-inhibitors
  • The water causes the perineum to become more elastic and relaxed, thereby reducing the incidence and severity of tearing and the need for an episiotomy and stitches
  • A relaxed laboring woman is able to concentrate her efforts on the birth process at hand

Why use a birthing tub for birth?

  • The water provides a sense of privacy, which releases inhibitions, anxiety, and fears
  • The stress during labor is reduced
  • It promotes more efficient uterine contractions and lessens pain
  • Provides a similar environment as the amniotic sac
  • Eases the stress of the birth for the baby

Benefits for the baby

Women, midwives, and a growing number of obstetricians are finding that giving birth in water:

Tub rentals are not just to use for home births. Some hospitals will allow tubs in hospital rooms. Check your hospital policies.

We rent:
Birth Pool in a Box Eco Regular Size and Mini Size


*Our mini tubs do not have a seat as pictured.

Birth Pool in a Box Eco do not come with a heater. 

Included is
 the tub, liner, cover, lead free hose,
waste hose, faucet adapter, submersible pump, air pump, thermometer and waste net.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required (subtracted from rental fee) Services territory includes Southern California counties of 35 miles from our Torrance location

Service we offer: includes delivery, set up of tub at the location of your choice, pick up and two weeks rental.  Price for renting a mini is $175 and $200 for renting a regular. All you have to do is empty and dry the tub. Each additional week is $85.
Our tubs are disinfected and sanitized with Hospital grade Benefect Botanical Disinfectant registered with the EPA.

Note- Pregnant women should not immerse themselves in water above 98.6F 

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