Birth Option Services
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Lactation/Breastfeeding Education Classes 

Lactation/Breastfeeding Classes                                                            

Why breastfeed over using formula?

Every mother that has given birth produces milk that is uniquely designed to meet the nutritional needs of her own baby.

  • More convenient
  • Always available
  • Easier when traveling
  • The perfect temperature
  • No need to sterilize or refrigerate
  • Cheaper
  • The highest quality nutrition and leads to happier and smarter babies
  • Delays menstrual cycle (natural family planning) and balance mother’s hormones

In the breastfeeding classes, moms and dads will learn:

  • Nutrition
  • Different types of breast milk
  • Mom and baby's anatomy
  • Milk supply
  • Different positions for holding the baby during breastfeeding
  • Medical conditions that may hinder breastfeeding, how to prevent them, and how to remedy them when they happen
  • Care for the breasts
  • Breast equipment/products
  • Pumping
  • Partner support

Breastfeeding classes are $30 per class






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