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Natural Childbirth Story

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My husband and I have five children We have a seventeen-year gap between child number three and four. All my children were delivered naturally and without drug intervention, and were breastfed. In 2000, a leading doctor in our area told us that I could not have any more children because of female complications. Because of this doctor's evaluation and assessment, I ended up pregnant when I was 44 years old. At that time, our only son was 17 and almost out of high school. We thought we were almost done with raising children. I had a successful bookkeeping business and was directing my focus on other phases of my life. This new phase was not what I had in mind. What a phase it has turned out to be! Only God knew what was happening in our lives.

Just because of my age, my pregnancy was considered, “High Risk”. The doctors wanted to do everything they could to me, like repeating tests two and three times. I could not believe how much childbirth had changed since my last pregnancy. We were at the same hospital and had the same doctor as we had with the first three children, yet it seemed to me that childbirth took a turn backwards. Medical childbirth now seemed to be about preventing lawsuits. Seeing these changes and sensing they were not for the good of women, I felt like I was not in control of my pregnancy, my body, and what was going to happen to my baby.

Because of the doctor’s overcautious and extreme medical practice, I was not happy with how things were progressing in this fourth pregnancy. This time around, the doctors thought I would probably not be able to deliver naturally as with all the others. My husband and I were taking Bradley Classes. I asked the instructor for a few midwives in the area. I thought I would just call a couple of them and talk. I thought the first one was a bit too far to drive because my previous labors were short. The second midwife I phoned was great. I felt she understood my needs and suggested I come in and talk. At the time, she was with a great group of doctors and did hospital and home births. She took me in as her patent and what a change! She did not label me high risk. The doctor I was previously going to said I had high blood pressure. They were using the wrong blood pressure cuff. My blood pressure was always below or average when the midwife took it. We ended up delivering at the hospital our midwife practiced out of that was 16 miles that from my home using The Bradley Method®. I could not have done it without my husband, friend, partner, and coach. This wonderful experience of giving birth flows over to a life changing experience for the dads too. We decided that our fourth child needed a sibling, so at the age of 47, we gave birth to our last child at home with the same midwife. This life changing experience made me want to reach out and help other women have this same great empowering experience.

We both became certified Bradley instructors. My husband assists and teaches with me. Through the years, we have taught many students and it has been a blessing.

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